Stealth Tuners w/box buttons

$ 160.00

Stealth tuners from Gotoh are the lightest and smallest tuners on the market. They are not just light and small, but ultra high quality. Headstock design is unencumbered because of the very small footprint. We have added carved Hibiscus flower, Boxwood buttons for a classy and unique tuner. High precision • The gear ratio is 18:1 with micro worm gear inside for smooth tuning. • Super mini scale and stability is possible because of high precision and micron machining process. • Equipped with metal bearing and washer in the operational parts results in very smooth action in spite of the small size. The string post is part #STS31. It is 3/4" long; 5/8" to the string hole center. Made for a 3/8" thick peg head.The price is for 4 tuners, 2 left and 2 right.