Bone Bridge Pins, Vintage Amber

$ 36.00 $ 48.00

These Vintage Amber Bone Bridge pins are natural Buffalo bone that are processed without bleach or dyes. They are processed in a way that preserves them and keeps them from getting oily. They match our Vintage Amber bone nuts and saddles which are also available in this store.

These have a 3 degree taper with a string groove that stops just below the skirt. The shaft diameter is .210 just under the skirt. The shaft is 3/4" long. The head is 5/16" in diameter. Overall length is 1 inch. 

This is the pin configuration we use on our guitars as I think it is the best way to go. Not a fan of the 5 degree pins for many reasons. If you don't like the string groove you can turn it 180 degrees! 

Price is for a set of 6 amber pins with no inlay. The pictures of the white pins and saddle are for comparison.