Cocobolo Guitar Set 09

$ 450.00

Cocobolo, (Dalbergia Retusa) is another excellent substitute for anyone looking for the sound and beautiful look of Brazilian Rosewood. Although it is a bit heavier than Brazilian, it is so stable that making it much thinner is no problem which brings it back into the weight range of Brazilian. With its glassy tap tone and  beautiful looks, Cocobolo is the "go to" choice for boutique builders ….. so long as you are not allergic to the dust!  If so, just be careful and wear a dust mask and wash up after working with it.

We have a propensity for using the more stable, classical, straight grained, quarter sawn wood and so that is what you will see here. Even with this cut of wood, all of these well aged sets have amazing character.

Here is a perfectly quarter sawn set with that classical look.

8 3/8 by 18 to 21 1/4
4 1/2 by 33