Curly Bubinga guitar set 32

$ 425.00

African Rosewood (Guibourtia tessmannii). This is another rare find. Also known as Akume, Bingbinga, Bubinga, Essingang, Kevazingo, Ovang and Waka, this wood comes from a medium to large tree found in the forests of West Africa, mainly Cameroon and Gabon. The heartwood is pinkish-red to brownish-red with a fine purplish striping. The grain is usually straight and interlocked but in some logs   grain is very irregular, producing highly figured lumber. Common figures are pomelle, ribbon-stripe, quilted, cat’s-eye, and in rare instances a combination of these figures is found in the same log. Even more rare is the elegant yet simple tiger stripe. The heartwood is fairly hard and heavy with a dried weight of 50-58 lbs. per cubic foot. It is extremely stable and has an excellent tap tone to rival any of the best, traditional tonewoods. This particular tree yielded the most striking and elegant figure we have ever seen. It has a deep, even and consistent curl that is remarkable to behold.

When a luthier discovers a piece of wood that is unbelievably beautiful, something that may happen only once in a lifetime, there is an irrepressible urge to build an extraordinary instrument and is compelled to put his whole soul into this instrument. This wood paired with our Curly Sinker Redwood is a marriage made in Heaven! The marriage of these rare African and American woods creates an instrument of unsurpassed beauty and rarity that will stand out like a beacon in a sea of ordinary instruments.

A very limited number of these distinguished guitar sets will be made available due to the rarity and limited supply of these exquisite woods.

Back: 8 1/8" X 19 3/4"
Sides: 4 5/8" X 32 3/4"