Macassar Ebony Guitar Set 08

$ 475.00

Macassar Ebony (Diospyros celebica) Guitar Set. This is a porous wood with beautiful, striking color that is a joy to finish with a great tap tone. It is very hard and somewhat heavy but very stable and can be made quite thin. Although this is not on the CITES list yet, I will only ship this in the United States. This is well seasoned, over 20 years in my humidity controlled shop, perfectly quarter sawn and as good as it gets. Master grade and from my personal, private reserve. This is spectacular wood, just look at the pictures! This is a "do not pass up" buy. I have a couple dozen sets that I am willing to sell. It works and finishes well and makes a stellar guitar, one of my favorites when paired with Italian Spruce or Cedar.

This set is big enough for a jumbo: 

Back: 9" X 22"
Sides: 5"X 33"