Pau Ferro guitar set 19

$ 250.00

Pau Ferro, or Bolivian Rosewood is an excellent and often used  substitute for Brazilian Rosewood. It is a non-porous wood that needs no filling and is a joy to finish. It is also very easy to bend. Although it is not on the CITES list, these beautiful, perfectly quarter sawn sets are rarely seen. You may find some sets that are flat sawn, but not these perfect, close grained, quarter sawn sets that you see here. These were cut and stored in a climate controlled room with constant air flow by Petros Guitars over 16 years ago from billets that were stored for over 50 years before that! Add them together and you have 66 years of drying. 66 years ago they selected these perfect billets for top end guitars. We are now offering them to you. This is from our personal, private reserve of guitar sets procured for Petros Guitars. There is a finite amount of this wood and will not likely to be seen again. Just as early Martin Guitars used only perfectly quarter sawn, straight grained Brazilian Rosewood, this lovely, straight grained substitute wood has the same old world characteristics. Perfectly quarter sawn wood is the most stable cuts of wood. Maybe it is not the look that you want, but to us it screams old world quality and elegance!

Back  8 7/8 by 23 3/4
Sides 5 1/2 by 34