Pau Rosa Guitar Set 04

$ 125.00

Pau Rosa, (Bobgunnia fistuloides) comes from small clusters within African rainforests. It is very hard and dense and rings like a bell. These are perfectly quarter sawn sets that are large enough for a jumbo. The sets with the attractive matching center strips of sapwood are big enough to eliminate the sapwood if you wish. This is a fairly rare wood especially in the dimensions needed for guitars. It has a pinkish background with dark reddish brown streaks. I think it’s lovely and it makes a great guitar with all the reflectivity of African Blackwood, Ceylon Satinwood and any of the best.  This wood is NOT on the CITES list and can be shipped anywhere. It bends and finishes with ease. 

8 7/8 by 23
5 1/2 by 34