Walnut, Curly Claro set 65

$ 360.00 $ 450.00

Curly Claro Walnut (Unique Tight Curl) (Juglans hindsii) (not on the CITES list) from California and Oregon is one of my favorite guitar woods. It is light weight, stable, strong, resonant and bends like butter! It has beautiful colors with deep, three dimensional curls that make a beautiful statement. I love to pair it with softer tops, especially redwood. Cedar and Englemann Spruce are excellent choices as well. It is my go to wood to pair with our Tunnel 13 tops. A few sets have small knots or inclusions (indicated) that can be easily filled with epoxy with no ill effects but rather just add to the character. 

These sets have an unusual and unique curl that is short and tight. This is the wood that I used to build a guitar for Paul Simon.

All of our stock is curly and although it may not look very impressive in the raw, when you apply the finish the colors and depth of curl just explode!  There are lots of sister sets available and most back and side sets come from the same flitch for perfectly matched color.

Back:  8 5/8 by 22 1/2
Sides: 4 1/2 by 33 1/2