Guitar Wood Sets April 20, 2018 12:38

We are now selling a limited supply of well seasoned, master grade guitar sets from our private reserve. Like most guitar makers we have been searching for and buying wood from day one, and that was over 45 years ago! We now have more than we can use. This is not newly cut stuff, it is old stock, high quality, unique and beautiful. It has been stickered and stored in a climate controlled room with constant air flow for 20 to 45 years. Get it while you can!

Martin Guitars uses Purflex products! March 20, 2017 09:11

After almost 6 years of design discussions Martin Guitars has chosen a proprietary design motif including purfling, back strips, rosettes and position markers for a limited edition model that will be showcased at the summer NAMM show 2017. We are excited about this. Let us know if we can help you distinguish your instruments with some of these new and innovative products.


Bruce & Matt Petros

DichroLam Strips now available December 26, 2016 14:27

DichroLam strips are a customs/regulation free alternative to Abalone. This material shines and shifts colors with the changing of view and light just like real shell. These strips exhibit numerous colors such as green, gold, copper, red and yellow with green being the predominant color. The strips are 9 inches long with a .053 inch viewable width. The overall thickness (top to bottom) is .070 with at least .040 of sandable clear on top. These strips will easily bend to cutaway radii and rosette radii. They can be glued in as you go. This is the latest, beautiful, shiny adornment for your prized project. Prices are per strip.

Bob Smith Super Glue and Epoxies May 10, 2015 21:50

BSI Epoxies and Cyanoacrylates! We Have Them! Great prices!

These are the best epoxies and superglues in my opinion. I have been using these exclusively for almost 40 years. That doesn't mean I have never tried other brands, because I have, and I have always come back to BSI products. My local supplier has retired and since I use so much of this stuff, BSI has allowed me to become a dealer.

I use the 20 Minute Finish Cure for pore filling on our guitars and also use it with the black powder for filling our Purflex® purflings and rosettes. All of the epoxies are an easy 1 to 1 mix and I have NEVER had a failure with this stuff. Of course we use super glue for tons of things in guitar making. We fill our finger board position markers with ebony dust and drop some Insta-Cure super glue in there and sand it off. Easy peezy! We also use the Insta-Cure for spot filling finish holes. Sands easy and disappears. We glue our binding on with Insta-Cure as well. We use the Maxi-Cure to spot glue our Purflex® purflings in before filling. Insta-Cure can be used as a stand alone finish for small objects and we use it all the time for that. I've alway been tempted to finish a whole guitar with it. I'm convinced it would work, just haven't tried it yet!

We use the Quick-Cure 5 minute epoxy for tons of operations too numerous to mention. The 30 minute is handy if you don't think you have enough time with the 5 minute. 

Give this stuff a try. You'll never know how you got along without it.