Ceylon Satinwood Guitar Set 15

$ 290.00

Ceylon Satinwood (Chloroxylon Swietenia) comes from central and southern India and Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, thus the name. It is a fantastic but under appreciated tone wood that rivals the best Brazilian Rosewood IMHO. This is not to be confused with the African varieties that are also called satinwood.

Be sure to look at the finished pictures. The yellow color may not appeal to many people but this wood has a beautiful mottled/striped figure with interlocking grain and a lustrous chatoyance to its finished surface. Looking at it in the raw form it looks like crate wood of some sort and not worthy of guitar construction. It is very hard to see its potential. Just take a look at the final results. And this wood does not oxidize and turn a generic brown over time like some woods do. I like to use an Alaskan Yellow Cedar neck and top to create a unique look.

We cut and stickered this wood back in 2007 and it has been aging in our climate controlled wood room with constant air movement.

Back:  7 1/2 by 22 1/4
Sides: 4 5/8 by 32 1/2