Epoxy, 20 minute "Finish Cure" 4.5 ounce

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FINISH-CURE™ is and excellent substitute for polyester finishing resins. For me, it is far superior.  We use it as our pore filler on our guitars. It is also the "go to" filler when mixed with our Purflex® black powder or ebony dust to fill our Purflex® purflings and rosettes. It will take any finish.

FINISH-CURE™ IS NOT A STRUCTURAL EPOXY. FINISH-CURE™ is primarily used for Coating and Finishing, pore filling and back filling Purflex® purflings and rosettes.

When an ounce or more is mixed in a cup the working time (pot life) is 20 minutes. When spread into thin layers the working time is approximately 40 minutes.

THE FINISH AREA MUST REMAIN ABOVE 75° FOR 8 HOURS FOR PROPER CURE. If ambient temperature is below 75°, heat FINISH-CURE™ Epoxy and Hardener bottles with tops removed in the microwave for 20 seconds (use less time for partial bottles). After applying, you can occasionally apply a heat gun during the curing time or cover project with a large cardboard box with a lamp placed inside to maintain a higher temperature.

Acetone and isopropyl alcohol work as the best solvents for cleaning uncured epoxy from surfaces.