MacBook Stand

$ 350.00

This is a stand for your cherished MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Made of solid Butternut with outlined finger joints, this stand is very light weight and elegant. When using your laptop on your lap, this stand keeps your laptop at the perfect height and angle for ergonomic ease of use. Not only does this stand put your computer at a comfortable height and angle, it also provides lots of air circulation to keep it and your lap cool!

The cutouts on the stand are not only attractive but decrease weight and provide convenient hand holds for carrying your laptop to the next location. 

There is a full length cork covered strip on the bottom back edge that keeps it comfortably on your legs and also is the non-marring foot for when it sits on your desk or countertop. On mine I have attached a ICZI USB Hub whose cord comfortably reaches the USB-C port through the side cutout. No more searching for your adapters!

The front bottom edge has two feet and a cutout that allows paperwork to slide under when you are working in cramped spaces.

The laptop is attached securely (but not permanently) by setting it on 4 tabs of double stick, thick "tape" on the four feet. These tabs are provided.

These hand-made stands are available for the latest 2018 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Custom sizes can be made for your older laptop.