Rosette, Yellow Rose Jr

$ 70.00

Our classic Yellow Rose rosette made smaller, but still for a 4 inch sound hole. It is made of maple and comes unfilled. It must be filled with epoxy and our black powder either before or after inlaying, then sand it smooth. A very classic modern design.  All of our rosettes are now designed in a complete 360 degree pattern and can be scaled to fit ukuleles or offset soundholes.

To have a custom sized rosette, just send me the ID (inside diameter) that you want in the Note Space provided on the order page. Any custom rosettes that are bigger than the Tenor Ukulele rosettes will cost $70 (standard guitar rosette price). Order these as a guitar rosette with a note. Custom rosettes the size of a Tenor Uke or smaller will be $45 (standard price for a tenor rosette). Order these as a Tenor Uke rosette with a note.

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