Strap But Silver Spiral Lg

$ 45.00

These are not chrome plated. These are solid, highly polished, high grade stainless steel buttons! They have the same look as chrome without all the downsides of chrome. Stainless steel is forever! It won't tarnish or chip off and there are none of the highly toxic chemicals that polute the earth. We have these custom made to our specs and are just beautiful! My friend turns and polishes the buttons. We attach a stainless steel screw, make and install the engraved inlays and put on the gloss finish. These are first class and totally made in the USA!!! Oversize with Celtic Spiral Inlay.

An extra screw is included for installation purposes on new installations. Drill a pilot hole first, wax the extra screw and drive it in an out a few times. Then you can hand insert your new strap button.